Amanda Kube

Amanda Kube

Computational Methodologies 


Patrick Fowler, Chien-Ju Ho 

Program track:

Computational Methodologies 


I am a third year PhD student and recently proposed my thesis. I am from St. Louis, am an animal lover (I have both a dog and a cat), and enjoy running and spending time with family in my free time. I enjoy my research and hope to continue in academia after I complete my degree.

Research interests and current project:
My research interests involve the intersection of computer science and the social sciences. I am especially interested in fair applications of AI to social-scientific questions.

My current work combines machine learning and human decision-making to inform fair and efficient service allocations for homeless families.

Why did you decide to pursue your PhD at WashU?

The development of the new Division of Computational and Data Sciences was influential in solidifying my decision to earn my PhD at Washington University as it gave me the opportunity to train in multiple domains under experts in several fields. 

I chose to attend Washington University in St. Louis for my doctoral education after earning my undergraduate and master’s degrees here and developing strong mentorship relationships with my co-advisors during my master’s study. They have been incredibly supportive and instructive mentors and because of them, I knew WashU was the right place for me.