Research in the social and behavioral sciences also drives the need for new computational and statistical methodology. Faculty in the Computational Methodologies track work on developing novel algorithms and techniques in the areas of machine learning, data visualization, network science, and resource allocation, among other topics. Faculty are interested in topics like automating the learning and visualization pipeline so that domain scientists can directly use modern machine learning and visual analytics tools, working collaboratively with faculty in the social science tracks to develop efficient and just methods for allocating scarce resources like spaces in homeless shelters and counseling services, effectively targeting public health interventions, and analyzing how social networks and language affect political behavior. You can learn more about the faculty on the track faculty page.

Track Course Requirements

Students must take CSE 541T: Advanced Algorithms and CSE 511A: Artificial Intelligence. In addition, students must take two substantive classes in their area of interest (social work & public health, political science, or psychological and brain sciences) from among the classes acceptable for students in that track as noted above, with approval of their committee.