Abigail Lewis

Abigail Lewis

Public Health & Social Work


I grew up in St. Louis and went to Grinnell College for undergrad. While there, I realized my passion for statistics and synchronized swimming. I enjoy an active lifestyle including but not limited to basketball, tap dancing and high intensity circuit training. In my free time, I also enjoy baking, tapioca and eating ice cream.            


Research interests and current project:
I am interested in using data science to understand disparities in access to health care and patient outcome. Currently I am working on a project in the Institute for Informatics which aims to understand the use of biomarker testing in Alzheimer’s diagnoses and racial disparities in access to these tests.    

Why did you decide to pursue your PhD at WashU?
I have always been interested in statistics and data analysis but have more recently discovered that I want to use my education to complete work that is both informed by and supports my community. When looking for graduate programs in the field I found that most focus on theory-based research. DCDS, on the other hand, provided the opportunity to continue building my theory background through classwork and also jump into applied research settings from the get go. I was also really excited to complete my graduate work in my hometown near my family.